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"The Illusion of Freedom," 8"x8" Original Mixed Media on Wood Panel

"The Illusion of Freedom," 8"x8" Original Mixed Media on Wood Panel

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In "The Illusion of Freedom," the viewer is confronted with the stark juxtaposition of symbolism and reality, exploring the complexities of our shared pandemic experience.  At the center of the piece, a hauntingly familiar figure emerges, their head and shoulders rendered in chaotic collage, with their face obscured by the mask.   This mask, a depressing, ubiquitous emblem of our times, serves as both a shield and a shroud, separating the individual from the collective, the known from the unknown.
Emblazoned across the mask, the words "Freedom For Me" are starkly juxtaposed, their inverted orientation challenging the viewer's perception.  What initially appears as a declaration of personal autonomy is quickly subverted upon closer examination, as the very notion of freedom becomes entangled in layers of irony and contradiction.
The use of mixed media adds depth and texture to the piece, with fragments of paper clippings, ink and oil pastels creating a collage of emotions and experiences.  Each element tells the story of both protection and constraint.
As the viewer contemplates this intimate portrait, they are invited to reflect on the profound impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on our collective psyche.  What began as a promise of liberation through compliance has morphed into a complex web of societal norms and personal sacrifices. "The Illusion of Freedom" challenges us to confront the uncomfortable truths hidden beneath the surface, inviting us to reclaim our humanity in a world forever changed by the invisible forces of fate.

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