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Original, One-Of-Kind Mixed Media Painting: "A Glimpse of Passing Tales" 8"x8"

Original, One-Of-Kind Mixed Media Painting: "A Glimpse of Passing Tales" 8"x8"

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In this captivating mixed media painting on gallery-wrapped canvas, we witness a scene that blends the worlds of fairy tales.  The perspective is from inside the weathered, but sturdy brick house of the Third Little Pig, looking out through a small window.  Through the glass, we catch a glimpse of a familiar figure—a young girl in a red hood, in the brief moment as she walks past the window and down the path that winds through the forest to her grandmother’s house.

The twist in this tale lies in the scene's juxtaposition.  The house, seemingly a symbol of safety and fortitude, is now a place of potential danger, as the viewer is led to believe that it's the Big Bad Wolf, the ultimate threat in many fairy tales, who is looking out the window. The wolf, a figure of menace in both the Three Little Pigs story and Little Red Riding Hood, is nowhere to be seen, leaving viewers to wonder if it’s truly him looking out the window, or could the viewer be the Wolf?

The painting is a stunning example of mixed media artistry, with a mix of paint, paper, plastic, gypsum and cardboard, and with the characters themselves, though mostly unseen, seeming almost to come to life.  It invites viewers to reconsider the stories they thought they knew and to imagine the untold that lies just beyond the edges of the canvas.

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