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"Nullified: The Cost of Covid" - Fine Art Painting on 8"x8" Wood Panel

"Nullified: The Cost of Covid" - Fine Art Painting on 8"x8" Wood Panel

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“Nullified” is a mixed media piece of ink and oil pastels on an 8"x*8" wood panel, which mirrors the tumultuous times we’ve recently endured with the Covid pandemic.

At the heart of the composition stands a faceless figure—a silhouette of humanity stripped bare.  The absence of features speaks volumes: masks, once a symbol of protection, now shroud our expressions, rendering us anonymous.  The pandemic, like an uninvited guest, barged into our lives, demanding conformity and, at times, pitted family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors against each other.  We masked our smiles, our frowns, our quirks—the very essence of who we are.

The colors—subdued yet not devoid of life—merge seamlessly.  Hints of blues and grays blend with earthy tones, symbolizing unity and shared vulnerability.  But scattered bursts of crimson and gold defy uniformity.  These are our hidden selves—the passions, the dreams, the fears—struggling to break free.

Around the central figure, ghostly imprints of other beings emerge.  They hover, their outlines blurred.  Are they companions or adversaries?  The pandemic tested our trust in one another.  Fear crept into our interactions, transforming casual encounters into cautious dances. We measured distances, avoided touch, and wondered: Could a handshake bring death?

The background swirls—a maelstrom of uncertainty.  Our individuality became collateral damage.  We became statistics too—cases, recoveries, losses.  “Nullified” is a kind of mirror, reflecting our collective struggle—a testament to resilience and the fragility of our connections.

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